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To all those whose lives were touched, whether momentarily or for a lifetime, by Richard Duardo, Modern Multiples thanks you for sharing your memories of our beloved Leader, Mentor and Friend. While Richard’s family is concentrating on his personal matters, Modern Multiples is concentrating on continuing the production on a multitude of existing projects, all of which Richard was thrilled to be printing within the Modern Multiples Studio. Under the direction and oversight of the Duardo family, Modern Multiples continues on in to the future and we will soon post additional information about the timing for the Studio opening up for “business as usual”, taking on new commissions and projects.

In addition, updates on Sending Richard off in Unison here: http://modernmultiples.com/sending-richard-unison/   

We may all take a moment at that very time to light a candle, have a moment of silence, eat a tamale or turn the music up real loud so that we may all send him off in spirit together with love in our hearts and a smile on our beautiful faces.

As Richard had so often noted,

“Whether fame or famine, we make art!.”-RICHARD DUARDO

So we carry on Richard’s vision and make art we shall. Thank you for your love and support, Modern Multiples and the Duardo Family.”

If you’d like to pay your respects, share stories, and share photos of Richard Duardo, please email richardonefourthree@gmail.com. Your stories and memories will be archived in a book for Modern Multiple and the Duardo Family.

Thank you for all your love and support.


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Richard Duardo

Richard Duardo 1952~2014

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