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Modern Multiples is proud to Present The Trip by Geoff Melville.  

The Trip is a 20 color serigraph edition with 5 unique HPM’s.  These prints were made in a style developed by Geoff Melville and this marks his debut edition with our studio.  With only 20 prints in the edition,  these may not be around for long.  Click here to buy while they last.

Artist: Geoff Melville Title: The Trip

My process for this type of collage work begins with taking photos in various cities.  The urban landscape, no matter where, has a wealth of colors and textures as well as abundant social and cultural relevance. I’m drawn to subtle visual moments that occur in the city’s aesthetic and I practice building a collection of imagery from different places that I later use to create collaged cityscapes.  The collages are built on black backgrounds to produce a nighttime feel and I find that it allows the imagery to exist in a vacuum. Choosing to screen print the final composition is based on a love for the materials and process of screen printing, as well as it’s ability to unify disparate elements into one cohesive image.

-Geoff Melville



Anna Drumm and Modern Multiples are proud to present Soul Not For Sale. Available here

“A statement piece open for the interpretation of each personal experience. I am an emotional painter and often images will come to me and then I paint them. With this I was very motivated by the effect that appearances, sex, money, and Hollywood have on society. All the materials I use are specifically chosen to empower the motivation of the piece.” ~Anna Drumm, 2014

Soul Not For Sale, HPM by Anna Drumm

Soul Not For Sale, HPM by Anna Drumm