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Elegant, Iconic Diptych
John Valadez and Modern Multiples limited edition serigraphs of iconic cholo and chola, circa 1976, Clavo & Alice, available now.

These photographs rendered in a unique 8-color separation process, hand-pulled by Master Printer Ivan Alpuche, with production supervision by Richard Duardo and technical digital separations by Lekit Im. This 6-month endeavor has finally concluded and we are very proud of this very limited limited edition of thirty sets.

Over 35 years ago, Clavo & Alice would visit our studio; El Centro de Arte Publico (CAP) on a regular basis. John Valadez was constantly photographing source material for his epic pastel pieces. These two young people personified, for that period, the elegance of classic Cholo fashion. It’s hard to imagine this 17 and 18 year old are now in their mid-50s, likely grandparents. Through these fine art portraitures, this young couple is immortalized in perpetuity.

We, at Modern Multiples, are proud to elevate these two images in a formal, fine art presentation, as a limited edition print, a total of 16 colors on 100% archival rag. For pricing and purchasing info, click here.

Clavo and Alice by John Valadez

Clavo and Alice by John Valadez